♡ Made with Love ♡


Some of my most favourite memories from childhood circle around my parents reading bedtime stories to me. Until this day I still have a weakness for fairy tales and I am positive that reading before bedtime from my early days on has contributed to my passion for literature.

It’s the same with my sister and for she has a little girl – my beloved godchild – I crafted a little box for books. The motif had to be quite simple, because I am not a good painter. The original is what you can see above.

The result I produced may have some bumps and blurry lines, but it surely comes from the heart:


All you need are a raw wooden box from a local interior decor or building supplies store, a few brushes and paint (please make sure that you use paint that is e.g. food-safe, depending on the box’s purpose). If you can’t paint that well just try and get some stencils for letters, flowers or whatever you want to splat on your box. I simply plastered the imprinted layer of a napkin with handicraft glue on the inner wall of the lid. :) Even I can do that ;)

Anyway, with some patience your creativity knows no bounds. Up and at them!



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