🔨 DIY picture wall 🔨


It was about time to expand my picture board, so I thought I’d show you how to do it. Actually, it is quite easy and if you, too, have loads of post cards, concert tickets, pictures et cetera that are to dear to be catching dust in some drawer this might be an awesome solution.

You need: one or more canvasses (maybe even old ones or with pictures on them that you don’t like anymore), drawing pins, elastic hem band, a hammer, maybe some nails and of course cards and pictures.


Grab a canvas and stretch the band hither and thither over it. Hide the ends and knots in the inner frame.

I used square canvasses and simply knotted two bands in loops which I pulled over the corners. Then I covered the corners with extra band, so that I could use them as well to put cards there. However, there are thouasands of possibilities and you can creatively exhaust yourself on this. If you use bigger canvasses take band with more bredth (third – half an inch) so that the cards get a better hold. Always pull the band tight, or your items will fall off!

Now you only have to hammer some nails into your wall – I usually use drawing pins with a long ending, because I never have nails – and hang them up. If they are not perfectly in line don’t worry; under the chaotic collage of pictures noone will notice. Et vóila! Add your items and that’s that!

If you need more inspiration just search online for „memoboard“ :)





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