Galician Empanada

Galician Empanada is a must-have for any Spain-themed evening. A traditional recipe with a vegetarian option!

Beetroot Burger 😍🍔💖

I am still looking for vegetarian option for my favourite foods and I adore this beetrot burger, which is yummy AND seasonal.

First anniversary

A year ago I had surgery due to a slipped disc. Read here what that entails and how I fared.


Reflecting about resolutions and what really matters to me.

Many a mickle makes a muckle

My dears, I’ve been working on this post for quite some time and I had to re-write it time and again. That is not uncommon concerning topics that are either destined to rise headwind or that I care about much. This time I’ll talk – again – about sustainability. Bear with my inner tree hugger….

Mini Chocolate Pizza

My dears, each year we’re having a Secret Santa and this year I was gifted with a tiny 6-inch pan made from cast iron and a fitted kit for chocolate pizza. Choco-whaaaat? 😨 Usually, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth – I prefer hearty or salty snacks – but this was amazing. You…

flour-free Cheesecake

Well, it was about time for another baking session! I had to give it three attempts until I got the knack of flour-free Cheesecake. I think the result is more than presentable. It is ridiculously easy, prepared in no time and you don’t need to feel that guilty ;) Ingredients: 17.5 oz / 2 cups…

Low Carb Tarte Flambée

Recently, I spent a weekend in Koblenz; a beautiful town in Germany’s rich wine region on the river Moselle. And wherever there is a wine region there must be good food, too. One of my favourites is Flammkuchen (or tarte flambée), a crispy flat base traditionally topped with sour cream, onions and diced bacon. I…

Behind the curtain

Originally, I intended to keep this blog anonymous. But I have a story to tell, a personal one. What is better designed to accompany my story than a picture of myself? Thing is, I have had a tough time these last months and I am still not done. I keep smiling and I keep having…