Hello again

My dears,
long time no see.
206 days, 5 drafts and 7 deleted posts have passed. Right now I am sitting in my favourite café, pondering how to begin this blog anew. Every beginning is difficult, it is said in the vernacular. Just do it claims Nike. Nike, greek goddess of victory, Victoria in Latin.
I digress.
I tend to do that a lot lately. Procrastination might as well be my middle name.

I imagined picking back up my beloved blog with a grand comeback-post about the reasons why I didn’t felt fit to write. Getting started with a big bang.
Instead I am sitting here, enjoying my second pot of tea, looking through the somewhat misty window pane while watching people. Most are huddled and keep running from the rain. The big exemption are a young father with a pink-and-white-striped woolly hat, which doesn’t stretch to his ears, and his small boy, whose head is constantly bent back in order to see anything. His hood keeps falling in his eyes. The two of them are standing in the drizzle, exchanging their ice cream scones and laugh.
What a sunny sight on a dreary day.

Today is an okay day for me.
After the last half year each „okay day“ is a little miracle which I enjoy tremendously.
Sometimes okay already is wonderful.
So let’s enjoy this, the melancholy stories will have to wait.


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