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Reading has been my favourite leisure activity for many, many years now and I am kind of an „omnivore“. Always ready to jump into a new genre or topic. So when I saw a post about gifting books to one another on a friend’s facebook wall I simply had to participate.

Admittedly, I was very sceptic because it works kind of like a chain letter – but in the end I just thought: Why not? So I participated and sent a book to a person I don’t know at all in the hope that she’ll like it. It was such a good feeling :) To share a beloved book  with a stranger is fantastic. The participation on my post wasn’t that high so I didn’t really expect to get a book back. For me it was more about the giving.

It was all the more lovely when I received the book on the picture. I honestly never heard about it and probably would’ve not picked it up on the spot but the blurb sounds good. As soon as I am done with my literature for university I will read it and I am excited to see what other people like to read!

So, if you like to participate, it is really simple:

1) Copy the facebook status and post it on your wall:

**FREE BOOKS (kind of)!**
There’s an amazing project I’m participating in called ‪#‎savetheculture‬ that’s going around the globe to provide people with new books to read while helping keep the book industry alive.
You can be ANYWHERE in the world to join.
All you have to do is buy a book, mail it to a person and then you receive up to 36 books in return from other people. I need 6 people to get this started.
So if you’re interested, „Like“ this post and I will inbox you the details so we can start! #SaveTheCulture

2)Send a book to the following adress: *Person 1*

3)Give the people who like your status my adress (YOUR ADRESS) the swap the adresses. So insert my adress where there is the of *PERSON 1*and yours, where there is mine.

Please give my address only to people who you trust. Thank you and have fun!  😊

Use the text above to send to people who liked your status and insert the addresses. To start a new chain you need two people. Instead of starting a new one you can have a look at the hashtag and maybe you can participate there. This post can be found in various languages.

Have fun!



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  1. I got another one! This is so exciting! <3


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