Remember ♡ Exchanging books ♡?


Do you recall this book exchanging event on facebook I wrote about some time ago? If not just have a look at my previous post here. :)

This is what happened: I received my third book today and it’s „Lessons in Laughing Out Loud“ by Rowan Coleman. From as far as I can tell by having a look at the blurb and a few random lines on various pages it is going to be a lovely read about the struggle of finding your own happiness instead depending on others to make you happy. Still, I could be wrong about this, but I think this book is worth a shot and I am looking forward to it – as soon as I am finally done with my exams.

Having received three books, which are vastly different in style and story, I can say that I am more than happy that I participated in this event. Gifting a beloved book to a stranger, including a smile and a good feeling and receiving three inspiring books that I probably would’ve not chosen myself is what a call a really good deal :)

Go out, exchange books and smiles and take you will home more than you gave.



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