You only have to dare it


After ages I picked up my crochet hook again and produced a landslide of woolly hats. A few days ago I was sitting on my couch, contemplating what to do with my camera – I don’t possess a proper camera bag for I find them unhandy, but I am uncomfortable with it being so unprotected when I carry it around. After thinking it over for quite some time it hit me! Why not just crocheting around the camera?

So I took my favourite scarf (may it rest in peace) and unraveled it for its thick, hot pink wool and created my masterpiece. I started with the lens, which was quite easy und then I just made the rest up as I went along. The whole sheath is made in just one piece. At the back I crocheted a flap with two loops so now one can open the sheath with two buttons on the top and just pull it off. It also leaves enough space for the straps and if I only want to look at a picture I don’t have to take it off for the display is right under the flap.

My family thinks it looks like a piglet, though.Face With Rolling Eyes on Apple iOS 9.3 The wool is actually pink but I photoshopped it so you can see the pattern better.

Well, as you see, with a little bit of practice and imagination nothing is impossible and it doesn’t always have to be baby hats ;)



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