A scene as you might find  it nearly anywhere.

Just that I am not at home in Germany but sitting at slightly under 90 degrees on a park bench, enjoying the last rays of sunshine. This is where I’ll live for the next five months. Sure, it is very beneficial to my Spanish studies that I finally get to improve my language skills and to experience the culture up-close, but why does it seem to be pulling me out there again and again? After all I do love my home and it wasn’t easy for me leaving again. Nevertheless I am itching to book a flight anytime I read about different countries and cultures. Next to my curiousness and my fascination for lived history there is another reason.

Actually it is quite simple: when I am abroad I am still a blank page to the people there, an unknown variable. I can be whoever I want. That doesn’t change my character, of course, but depending on where I am, I am a little bit different. America-Sarah is more spontaneous than Germany-Sarah and Auntie-Sarah id more responsible than Party-Sarah and so forth. But all these versions of myself are in the end the essence of me. So, who is Spain-Sarah? For mow I don’t have a clue yet! I am very excited to find out about her, though. Sometimes it is enough to be with different people to behave differently. You’re not fake because of that, you just simply adapt a little bit to your surroundings. Moving to a different kind of throws you right into the deep end. Some versions of me I like better than others. I think that’s just normal. One doesn’t have to choose anyway for in the end it is the sum of all versions that is the human him- or herself.



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