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All I wanted were a few yummy cookies! Nothing sticky sweet , nothing unfamiliar; I wanted cookies from home. So, off I went, baking German christmas cookies. I know, I know… way to early! But, hey, I had some leftover marmelade… 🙈Usually my Lovedimples look a lot prettier (and taste better) but I still haven’t gotten to term with the Spanish flour, which is different from the German one. Should you try out the recipe I am sure yours will be true beauties, I’ve made this recipe what feels like a hundred times and it never failed me.

9 tbsp Butter

1/3 cup Sugar

1 tbsp Vanilla extract

2 Yolkes

1-3/4 cup Flour


Combine ingredients, except for the marmelade, and knead until you have a smooth dough for short pastry, then let it sit in the fridge. Best wrap it into plastic wrap so that it won’t dry out. Retrieve after at least one hour and roll it into little balls, which you place on a baking rack covered with parchment. I usually get about 40 cookies from one batch. Now simply press with your index finger a dimple into each ball, until your pastries kinda look like a rubber dinghy. Fill marmelade into the dimples (I always use a kind without pulp or stones) and bake at 340°F for about 10-12 Minutes until golden. If you are not sure if your cookies are done yet and you are already over time just lift one with a fork. If the bottom has a nice light brown colour you should be good.Let them cool well on a rack, so that the marmelade can set.

Around Christmas I always double the recipe, for they are gone, as soon as I turn my back ;) Simple, yummy and completely without cutting out or making a mess :)




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