Oviedo – wet pearl of Asturias


And I literally mean wet. It seems as if either I don’t have any luck travelling here, or the north of Spain simply is this wet; once more it was raining on our trip. But that wouldn’t hold us back anyway :D This time we did a weekend trip to Oviedo and Gijón (next time ;)) and as annoying as the rain may have been, it was lovely nevertheless.


First, we visited the Prerrománico Asturiano, where we walked through the meadows to get from one building to the next and a guide explained to us what we’re looking at. These buildings belong to the early history of Asturias and they belong – according to the employees – to the best conserved, coherent collection of buildings from the High Middle Ages in western Europe. It was lovely, but I am afraid, that not everyone took a liking to the slippery ascending and descending to the site ;)dsc_0711

After checking into the IBIS Budget Hotel the drove us into town and dropped us off to get a late lunch before taking on the city tour. We tried Cachopo and Sidre, local signature dishes, typical to be found in Oviedo. Cachopo is kinda a huge Cordon Bleu dish, but somehow different, that we all shared between two people per plate. It was delicious, but let’s just say I avoided meat for a week to come afterwards :D Sidre is an Asturian apple wine, which the waiter pours from an outstretched arm far down into the glass. Unfortunately, it was somewhat to sour for my taste and I feel, like I’d get a severe stomach ache drinking it all night, but it was definitely worth a try. Conclusion – Food was great, just not something I’d eat on a daily basis.dsc_0721

Sadly, it rained throughout the whole city tour, which dropped the mood of the group. But Oviedo is nonetheless a beautiful little town and if it’s dry I’d like to visit and look at all the sites more closely. That’s why for now I’ll only insert some uncommented – but labelled! – pictures, which I took from under my umbrella, juggling with it and my camera. Brrr.

 After the tour we ended up where we began, at the Plaza de la Escandalera. That’s where we defrosted in the La Corte de Pelayo, a restaurant with a cute Café, and used hot chocolate and churros (or in my case tea) to get ready for a night out. Back to the hotel, prepping up and going out with the other students, into the night life. Too bad, that the IBIS Budget and the IBIS are adjourning and look very much the same. So we ended up wondering we our key cards didn’t work for „our“ rooms. Happens! 😂🙈

Going out in Oviedo is loads of fun, there’s a whole street, Calle Sol, where one bar, pub and club lines up after the other, there’s something for everyone ;) All in all a great city, we had tons of fun, just the weather was a real bummer.




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