Gij贸n – just as wet, but with a view


As fate has it, it rained a lot in Gij贸n as well, but it cleared every now and then as well, so we could take at least a few amazing shots. Gij贸n is an industrial town at the Atlantic coast and if you have a look around you’ll see the weirdest clash of beautiful landscape and man-made installations.

Gij贸n is the place where the reconquista, the recapture of Spain, started and was therefore of crucial historical significance in the early Middle Ages but it seems like a lot of this historical awareness is lost now and now industrial progress is the main concern of the town.

After a stroll through the historic centre, we walked up to the Cerro de Santa Catalina, a somewhat elevated headland from where you can enjoy an amazing view. I don’t want to bore – we mainly stomped from rain cloud to rain cloud with wet feet, using the dry moments to take pictures. So, again, I set up a gallery with the best shots :) Unfortunately, we didn’t see much more than the Centro and Cimadevilla (two of the town’s districts), so I can’t give valid information on the rest of Gij贸n.

Anyway, it was beautiful and I definitely want to visit northern Spain again, but in a less rainy season. But we won’t melt, so we can handle the rain ;)



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