Hiking in Las Médulas



Last month two friends of mine and I joined the university’s hiking society and let us be led through the Médulas. A very beautiful little mountain range close to the border to Galicia and one of the last stages of the Camino de Santiago (St. James’s way).

Unfortunately, it was  – again – raining cats and dogs when we arrived and we all had to seek shelter. Even our second attempt to start hiking the mountains washed us straight back under the roof, but we wouldn’t give up so easily! After all we drove there for several hours. So we rushed into a café (‚O Camiño Real‘, a real charmer), ordered coffee and let the wet shoes dry in front of the fire place. And waited.


Finally, we could get up and at ‚em! It was still slightly raining, but we started out leisurely to warm up a little bit, before we took on the steeper ways. I took nearly a thousand pictures and selected the most beautiful ones for you below, even if I couldn’t always take a shot. Fear of heights and narrow, steep ways are no friends.

Anyway, at the end of the day we were completely done, but I am really  glad that we joined the tour. The north of Spain is simply amazing, even if it is not the perfect season, to have a look without being disturbed (which mainly means, I am getting annoyed by all the rain while travelling).



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