It sounds fancy, it looks fancy, but it’s actually quite easy to make; the raspberry trifle. The recipe I had was too sweet and too unhealthy for my taste, so here is my new version of a pretty and carefree dessert.

What you need:
– 1 Lime
– 1 2/3 cups Raspberries
– 1 tsp Honey
– Whole-grain Graham Crackers
– 400gr low-fat Quark / Greek Yogurt

Cut the lime in half and press one of them, the other one you can put aside for decorations. Purée raspberries, honey and lime juice and divide one half of it into the glass bowls or glasses.


Now add a layer of crumbled cookies and then half of the qark or yogurt. I put the quark into a bowl beforehand and stirred it a little bit so that it’s softer and easier to spread.

Now add once again raspberries, grahams and quark. The order is up to you – I switched it up and placed the cookie crumbles on top. You could also finish with the quark and use some additional raspeberries as a topping. A piece of lime for decoration, done! :)

-don’t make the trifle too early. I had about two or three hours between preparation and serving and it was still okay, but any time longer and the crumble start to get too soggy
– if you don’t like honey use agave nectar or brown sugar, but this dessert needs some sweetness to balance the sourness of the berries and the quark
– wipe the glass from the inside between adding the layers; this way you will have sharper divisions between the colours and your dessert looks luscious
– of course you can use other fruits. Tty new versions: how about mango and passion fruit or cherries and chocolate cookie crumbles?




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