Port de Pollenca

A few weeks ago, I fled from the freezing temperatures in Germany and escaped to Mallorca for a short trip. I booked a simple but wonderful Hostal close to the port of Palma de Mallorca and seized the days to explore the region.

I took the bus to Port de Pollenca on my first day, the furthest trip I planned. I consciously decided to travel by bus; it’s cheap, you can lean back and relax, enjoy the landscape and addionally it’s eco-friendly. I didn’t feel like renting a car, especially considering that I didn’t know the route, and I remember Mallorca’s sharp twists and turns quite vividly from my first trip there.


Port de Pollenca is a modest port town that is on the brink of waking up in early March. The weather was quite windy which is why there were barely any people around – this makes a visit this time of year so amazing. You can hike the mountains embracing the bay in peace or stroll along the freshly rolled sand and just enjoy the silence before the oncoming (tourist) storm.

If you take advantage of the special offers during lunch time, the menú del día, you might get a rather cheap but good warm dish. For example, the Osteria N 15 offers fresh fish dishes and other delicious lunch meals for a shoestring budget. The amazing thing about Port de Pollenca in march is its peace – the restaurants and cafés are still rather empty and the personnel is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the still relaxed pre-season.

If you care for relaxed vacations Port de Pollenca is (one of) the places to be, with all its surrounding popular destinations and cheerful athmosphere.

Off to the beach with you!






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