Chicken Gyro Salad

When it gets really hot in summer, I am not too fond of a warm meal. Therefore, I nibble away on a salad on a daily basis. To be honest, there are great salads, but when I’m in my daily routine I catch myself eating the same stuff time and again. Booooriiing.
So I tried to come up with a new salad I haven’t made myself before: a chicken gyro salad. I don’t like pork (or red meat in general) too much, but I love the gyro spices… why not combine them with poultry?

1 iceberg lettuce
1 small can corn or a corn-beans-pepper mix
1 cup diced mozzarella
7 oz Tsatsiki (Greek yoghurt, cucumber and garlic)
1 lb chicken breast
1 mix of gyro spices (e.g. by Kamis)
1/2 cup water

Mix the gyro spices with 1/2 cup of water, dice up the chicken and marinade it for 30 minutes in the spices. If you have a coated pan you can do directly it in there, otherwise use a bowl. If necessary use a splash of olive oil to coat the pan and fry the chicken. I added some hot parika, sweet parika, black pepper and a dribble of lemon juice to give it a nice twist. If the water does not evaporate quickly pour off some of it. The chicken tastes best if it has a roasted flavour to it. Set the chicken aside.

While marinading the chicken you can prepare the salad: cut up the lettuce, dice the mozzarella and mix in the corn. If you like add some cucumber, tomatoes or olives. Traditionally feta cheese would be the better choice for this greek style salad but I wanted to keep it light and used light mozzarella instead. When the chicken is cooled off stir it in. Add the tsatsiki right before serving to keep the lettuce fresh and crispy.

This recipes serves about three to four people. I added some cut up whole wheat toast as a crunchy side dish.

Go on and try :)



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