Do you know the feeling; you think of an amazing project, you start it and then it just lays around catching dust. Unfortunately, that is how I feel too way too many times which is why I tend to start only those projects that I can wrap up within a week. However, every now and then there are some ideas that are so awesome that I simply got to try them out.

For quite some time now I stumble again and angain across giant knitting kneedles while looking up new ideas for knitting projects. I instantly loved the idea- but those thingies are soooo expensive. After a little begging and pleading my Dad crafted me my very own ‚knitting-dings‘ out of an old broomstick and some pieces of wood.

The attempt to knit a blanket in one peice – instead of sewing many pieces together – is progressing slowly but surely and it is great fun. Only disadvantage: you cannot take them with you to knit in the sub / tram / train. Somehow I get funny looks for it… :D

Wish me luck; maybe I’ll finish this blanket within this lifetime!



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