Myth: Siesta


We all heard about it but it was a rather abstract concept to me nevertheless: the Siesta. Somehow I always associated it with a Mexican taking a nap in front of his house, a sombrero pulled in his face. The whole thing is actually very real and after having lived here for a few days it is completely understandable to me. All the smaller shops close down from about two to five p.m. and people are sitting in cafés or actually take a nap in the park or at our „beach“ (big load of sand at the river shore).

That always rang rather lazy to me, but actually people are just working later hours and naturally not everyone is off in the afternoon. Anyway, it is true that on same days it gets uncomfortably hot between two and five p.m., especially if you consider that’s already the beginning of september. I probably would refuse to leave the house at all during summer.

That’s why I just went for it and gave it a try! Marched into the park, layed down on a bench (now I now why they are so long and low) like everyone else and had a good nap. It is comparably cool in the park, thanks to all the trees and every now and then blows a light breeze. I have to admit: yup, Siesta is an amazing thing :)



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