San Sebastián (Donostia) 🌊


Sooo, I finally got around to part two of my report on last weekend: San Sebastián. An amazingly pretty little town at the coast near the French border. The weather was unfortunately not at its best, but what can you do? I loved it nevertheless.

There isn’t incredibly much to see in San Sebastián – especially not on a Sunday. We started out with a guided tour at Playa la Zurriola (one of the town’s three beaches) and worked our way along the theatre and through the park all the way to the town centre. There are beautiful churches on each corner, small alleys and adorned old buildings. After having a look at the fascinatingly detailed Iglesia de Santa María we went down to the port, where our tour guides said their goodbyes.


All of us were quite hungry so we went looking for something „proper“ to eat – the pintxos are very yummy, but somehow you don’t have the feeling you actually ate real lunch. A big plate of pasta and two showers of rain later we strolled on through town and visited the town hall, which also hosts the library, and Playa la Kontxa (also see the title picture).


Sadly, the weather stayed dismally but we insisted on walking on, umbrellas in hand, and seeing all the old buildings. Before the bus took us home we whiled away the evening over a cup of tea / coffee. I liked San Sebastián a lot and I am partial to go back for vacations for a long weekend and to have a closer look at everything – especially if they forecast better weather. We drove right through the Basque region on our way back, which belongs to „España verde“ (Green Spain) for a good reason. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me, but it was great. As someone who usually lives in a mountainous region I am not used to be able to look that far; the sky was simply huge.

Hasta luego, Basque region:)




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