The SUB 📚


Some women possess a whole closet stuffed with beautiful clothes and lament nevertheless that they’ve got nothing to wear. We book lovers have got the same problem, but ours got a name: SUB – the Stack of Unread Books.

Well, friends, by now my SUB includes more books than some people have on their whole shelf but I still can’t walk past a book store. All the „oh, this is new“ and „hey, I always wanted to read that“ dragged me into a vicious circle consisting of a shortage of time and still not enough books. Even though I possess loads of unread books, I also have to be in the right mood. You’re sitting there, feeling exactly like the lady standing in front of her closet, and you’re thinking – Nah, somehow that doesn’t suit me today. One’s too short, one’s too long and in the end you end up rereading one of the old favourites. At least, you know what you get!

One should think that the ever growing SUB kind of cuts down the customer spending of the average book addict, but hell to the no. Who could resist a good deal? Or recommendations from your favourite author? Or simply the next book?
So it goes on and on, the stack grows, the money shrinks and the time at hand remains too short. If you’re done with one book you go and buy a new one to fill up the stack. Go on, treat yourself! One thing is certain, though – the whole stack thingy is kind of fun.

I refuse to believe, that I am the only one with this problem, so the final questions needs to be: is the SUB an involuntary reflex or a we somehow doing this on purpose?!




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