A hairy matter for a good cause ✂


Actually I am more of a rather short hair person, but I grew my hair during my year abroad – mainly because I was broke. When I came back I intended to cut off a rather big part but I stopped in the last moment and thought about it. I wouldn’t miss my long hair, so why not giving it to someone else, who might really need it?

A short online search told me that I needed about 10 inches! It took me two years, but I finally managed it this week! Let’s have it off! But what requirements must the hair fulfil and where can I send it?

Abut the hair: the should be free of chemical treatments (colour, perm, straightening,…) and, according to the organization, the should have a length of at least 10 inches. You can send them in as ponytails or braids, the most important thing is that they are safely secured and that the tips of the hair point into the same directions. Please, also check that your hair is completely dry, before you do your braid or ponytail.dsc_0118-kopie-2

About the method: there are several ways to turn your hair into a donation.
1) Some organizations sell the hair and donate the proceeds for a certain cause, for example they might give it to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation. One of the most remarkable organizations here in Germany is the ‚BVZ Rapunzel‘, which organizes an annual auction and receives proceeds far above the market price.
2) You can sell your hair yourself. Most of the human hair for wigs is from Asia and South America – this goes as far as there’s actually something called the ‚hair mafia‘. European and Northern American hair is rather rare on the market and therefore you might make notable profits which you could donate.
3) A small amount of organizations accepts your hair as a material donation from which they produce wigs. This is the method I chose, so I sent my hair to the ‚Verein Haarfee‘ in Austria, which will – hopefully – be able to use my hair as part of a wig which will be given to a child in need.

DSC_0123 - Kopie (2).JPG

I don’t know if I will go through the pain of growing my hair that long again, but it was a damn good feeling to finally send in my braid.



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