The perfect place abroad


Going abroad for a couple of months. That actually sounds kinda simple and if you really want to it isn’t that hard to make it come true. Everything is possible in one way or another if you are only ready to compromise with yourself. The hardest part is, in fact, the „What?“ and „Where?“.

So, how do you find your perfect experience abroad? The are hundreds of websites that claim that they know where to go, but in the end the answer truly lies within you. If you want to go abroad for some time you have to ask yourself what you really want to experience. The awkward thing is that you have to be truly honest to yourself, otherwise you’re gonna get in trouble.

In order to help the indecisive I’ll explain how I chose the town for my semester abroad that suited me best. The country was decided upon; I wanted to go to Spain. But where in Spain? It didn’t want to go the south of the country, because that is where most of the tourists go – no, I wanted to see the ‚real‘ Spain. So I took up a pen and crossed off the southern half of the country.
With the remaining possible towns I decided according to the size of and the selection offered by the universities (it was after all a semester dedicated to language acquisition) and the traffic connections for travelling. Finally, the local accent was important to me, too. I was able to cross off one town after another until only Valladolid and two alternatives were left.

The most important part of my decision was to listen to my heart and my gut feeling instead of going blindly for the hot spots praised by travel guides – there would be time to go to all the recommended places while I was in Spain anyway. When I became an Au Pair I did it the other way round – here was the hostfamily my highest priority, because I was bound to spend the majority of my time with them and the location came in as a close second. Although I am a girl from the countryside it didn’t make sense to vegetate in the middle of nowhere while I meant to be adventuring on a foreign continent instead.

So, make a list with your very own and very personal wishes and requirements, no matter if others think your decision isn’t cool or say it’s lame. In the end you’ll find the experience that is just perfect for you and I am sure you won’t regret it. :)




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