A different city tour (New York City)


A city is a city is a city. If you make a lot of trips to see different cities you’ll always see the same: a landmark, the city hall, a landmark, a famous museum, a landmark… but it doesn’t have to be this way! The usual sightseeing tour is helpful to get an overview and a feeling for a place and museums are (in my opinion) wonderful, but there are amazing options to jazz things up.

Today we are in New York City to give you an example:

Image: Lena Wiese

The have a loads of different „walking tours“ here. A few years back my friends and I booked a Chocolate & Dessert Tour through Lower Manhattan and we learned a lot about the culinary history of New York and about the parts of the city that we came through while eating all kinds of delicious desserts. A walking tour can have any topic; street art and handmade trade, desserts and snacks, literature, wine… there are endless possibilities. So why not have a look around first, the next time you come to a new city and then take part in a special tour, that you won’t forget so easily.


DSC_0140Instead of going to a normal museum, as usual, I took part in a tour in the New York Public Library, one of the biggest libraries in the world. The NYPL is relentless in supporting the citizens of New York and it was really interesting to hear about a different side of history, for once.
Many older buildings that are open to the public offer tours, often there is art and most times the had their own special role in the history of their community, which often provides a better impression of a culture than any typical tour for tourists. Without this tour I might have never known what Times Square looks like without all the big screens. Who knows? ;-)


So, my advice to you is to look for unusual tours that are a better fit to your personality and needs than a dull sightseeing tour and have a look beforehand what old buildings and organisations exist in your destination – you might find a little tour that could change your point of view tremendously:-) By the way, this is also applicable to where you already live – book a cool tour with friends and experience your location in a completely new light.

Happy travels!



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