NYC used book stores


Happy world book day!!!

Most of the books I buy are by now used books. There are two very good reasons: I can save a lot of money and I can have a tiny impact on over-production and the throwaway culture. Most times you can even choose the quality / state of the books if you order online and for now I have been disappointed very very rarely.

Naturally, one doesn’t always get what one needs. Therefore, if I decide to buy a new book I try and avoid mass book trade, such as amazon, if possible. For example, when I order online at the little book store in my tiny hometown they usually call the next morning because they already got my delivery and I only have to pick it up. The service in family-run book stores is highly underestimated, mostly because of prejudices – so just step into your local bookstore and have a look. You might be surprised.

In honour of the occasion – book day!!! – I’d like to show you my three favourite used book stores in New York City.

There are some fantastic used book stores in New York and my all time favourite is the Housing Works Book Stor Cafe (picture above). They are well-sorted and display not only books but CDs, DVDs and vinyl records. Pick something, grab a delicious and fair priced tea or coffee from the counter and get comfy (picture below). The employees are mostly volunteers and super nice – one gave me a book mark the other day although I didn’t purchase anything that time. Just because :)

The book store is just beautiful (you can even rent it), it’s comfy and well equipped (yes, there’s wifi), but the best thing is that it’s for a good cause. The store works together with the Housing Works Thrift Stores in order to finance a housing project for people affected by HIV / AIDS in New York City and they try and inform about these issues.
So: books, tea and helping a good cause at once!!!


The Mysterious Bookshop is a cross-generational store for everyone who loves crime fiction, suspense and fantasy. They mainly shelve used books but they also have a whole wall of the store dedicated to Sherlock Holmes. The originals by Doyle, fan fiction, non-fiction,… everything the heart could wish for!
Just have a look, stroll around and flop down into one of the comfy sofas or have a look at their events calendar – there’s always something happening there :)


The last used book store that we have to talk about is, of course, the Strand. 18 Miles of reduced book heaven – faulty commodity, outdated editions and used books as far as the eye can see. If you want to save some money I am pretty well sure you can find it here. The Strand looks like most of the bigger chain bookstores, just cheaper. They also have some great postcards and gifts.

2017-03-11 10.13.50.jpg

My book of the day: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. A little bit scary, accompanying my tea and the moody april weather. :)

Read on!



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