Zentangle -meditative doodling


Dears, today’s a short one: we talk about Zentangle.

What’s that? Meditative doodling. Yeah, but what IS that? Well. Hard to say. Roughly said it is doodling on little squares for the purpose of relaxation. It sounds like the newest Hipster trend, but actually it’s kind of clever.

But let me start from the top: I came across this technique on Christina’s blog  Happy Dings and had, for a change, the luck to win the book by Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb in the prize draw. I’ve seen Zentangle patterns before, but I never knew what they were about.


The aim of Zentangle, as I understand it so far, is to draw organised chaos in tangled patterns. But because it is more than just doodling you are forced to focus on your drawing, so that you fade out all the backgroung noise and you immerse yourself into your task at hand. The good thing is, that it doesn’t require more than paper and pen so that you can take it everywhere in order to keep boredom or stress at bay. For people who are untalented in this field – just like me – there are instructions and hacks you can use before you start developing your own patterns. Of course you can also use the patterns to decorate stuff; greeting cards, frames, totes,…

Here’s a tiny sneak peek into my book:20170501_160831

This is really exciting to me and I can’t wait for my first tangle-drawings. So: big thank you to Christina for the book and to Katharina for the lovely dedication! I really appreciate it :) If you want to know more you can use the links above that direct you to the ladies‘ websites, but beware, they are in German. Otherwise just do an internet search, you should come up with plenty! :)

Up and at them pens and papers!



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