About consciously doing nothing


What did you today? Nothing.

What’s up? Are you okay? It’s nothing.

There’s nothing you can do about it.

None of these utterances are true. No one does nothing. Ever. Our heart is beating constantly, we breathe, we think, we live. There are a thousand things happening inside of us and around us, even if we do „nothing“. We can have an impact on some of these things, others are unchangeable.

The worst thing to me is the phrase of „doing nothing“. We feel way to often as if we have done nothing. But how do you measure ’nothing‘? If I sat on the couch for ours reading a book many people might think that I did nothing – I was not active, not productive.

But still I explored new worlds, I loved, laughed and lived with the story. That is much more than nothing. Or cleaning my apartment ;)

Sometimes I wander aimlessly through my neighbourhood and enjoy half an hour outside, just for me. Again, doing nothing. But I was out, I saw, heard and listened. I watched children, stood at the cross lights and just let myself drift.

Stop saying that you are doing nothing, but try to be consciously unproductive. There’s nothing more beautiful and you deserve it.




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