Break free, take a deep breath and restart


The end of this semester is coming closer and more and more often I find myself shutting myself up to meet my tasks and workload for university. That’s okay, but dangerous. Each semester I have to force myself not to throw my phone out of the open window and be like „See you all in  month!“

I need the solitude in order to concentrate on my studies and my exams but sometimes I need to break free: something different to do, something different to see. Which is why I visited home last weekend and my Mom and I joined a hiking group on their trip.



We made a bit more than nine miles, 1.700 feet elevation gain and 1.800 back down again. I took us nearly five hours including breaks, but we didn’t intend to be fast. It was such a pleasure to roam through my native valleys and woods and to relax completely. Only then did I realize that the end of the semester is already taking its toll on me.

Sitting on the top of a mountain eating a cheese sandwich is incredibly soothing to me. But everyone has a different place and way to relax. Look for your very own haven and visit it every once in a while ;)

So, dear reader, it’s just fine to shut yourself in and to do what has to be done. But don’t forget to break free every now and then to clear your mind and take a deep breath. Then your restart will be full of verve and you’ll reach your aims savely.






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