Change of course.


Events rarely occur as planned.
I’d say we all know a thing or two about that.

Right now things are crazy in my life: plans are frustrated, made, rejected and brought up again. The hardest part about planning, however, is letting go of a long-held plan. This is where I come very close to my typical astrological sign: as a Taurus-lady I am way too bull-headed (haha) to stray from a plan that I made.

But what if you are only holding on to a plan, because it is what you planned to do? When the plan becomes more important than it’s aim it might be time to reconsider the whole thing. I just overthrew my whole life planning for the next three years and it was really hard for me to walk that mile. Sometimes I am still not entirely sure… but once the decision for another way is made it will give you immense relief and enable you to breathe more easliy.

Try not to put yourself under too much pressure – that is neither healthy nor does it lead you to your goals and dreams. Sometimes things take longer or you need to make a detour, but the way can be rearranged as long as you don’t forget about the aim. So, try to jump in at the deep end and don’t forget: rearranging plans doesn’t signify that you’re a loser, it simply means that life is happening to you.

As soon as I am getting through with the worst times ahead, I will finally take some me-time and enjoy the fall in all its glory. And then I will get back to you and take proper care of you. 🙈




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