Nothing written, again.


Sometimes I am just sitting here, staring at my laptop. I want to write. But it doesn’t work. Then I resort to other things; editing photos, watching YouTube videos, reading what other bloggers write. I get up, make some food, check my my phone, sit down again,… and after a few hours I give up. Nothing written. Again.

That’s frustrating. It annoys you, wears you down, gives you hell and makes you sad. Oh, too many verbs. Ooops, quickly erase. Nothing written, again. Then, sometimes it just hits you, an inspiration, like a brain wave, that needs to be written down, but it is elusive and what remains is a sentence which is way too long, just like this one, with clauses and commas, that can’t stay. Nothing written, again.

There’s just one major rule when it comes to writing. Even after such a long time, that I have already spent producing texts I tend to forget it time and again: the most important part about writing is writing. If you just sit down and start writing it just sometimes turns itself into something beautiful. Sure, sometimes you only write crap, but on other days it is okay. Just look. This is a text. It just happened, although I intended to write a recipe. :D




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