On rituals and dreams

Different strokes for different folks.

This phrase can be linked to various situations. For instance, many people have shared rituals which may appear strange to other; welcomings, register, repeating actions. Just like my mother and I.

When I still lived at my parent’s I helped with the house work; I had the dust everything about every other Saturday. Meanwhile, my mom worked in the kitchen, did laundry or handled other things that needed be done. And yes, it was just as boring as it may seem to you. I love music, therefore, I bought the Best of album by my mother’s favourite artist one day and the party began. We danced and sang through eighteen songs – not always getting the lyrics right, but having fun.

These memories are important to me. And it was even more significant to take my Mom there, when I heard that the singer was about to perform closeby. To her, this was the fulfillment of a long, loooong dream and to me it brought back childhood / teenager memories. And it was important to do it NOW. Who knows at what point he’ll be singing here once more? How long will he go on making music. Dreams are there to be lived.

So, we were sitting in the KöPi Arena (sports centre) and Mom said: „We don’t have a living room here to dance in.“

Thank you, Sir Rod Stewart.






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