Too good to go

As a student I am conflicted about food every day: shoestring budget but a lot of love for vegetables and fruits, preferably from local and organic sources. This only works out well occassionally and I have to compromise either in quality, quantity or reduce other spendings.

I found a good golden mean by accident. The free app „Too Good to Go“ (available in several European countries) saves groceries from a premature death, if you like. The company cooperates with various restaurants and grocery stores which then sell those groceries cheaply, that otherwise would be thrown away. It might be a bakery, an Italian restaurant or just the odd supermarket, covering all kinds of nutrition.

I bought my first Too Good To Go Box for about 4€ in the produce department of the closest organic supermarket. As you can see above, the veggies are a bit sad, but this is the essence of the idea. If it were fresh it would be sold for the full price, right? But this doesn’t mean that it is inedible at all !


So there is a process of saving going on – the supermarket gets money for its „trash“, I underspend for completely acceptable (and sometimes even organic) veggies and the app / company is financed through the transition. CO2 emissions are reduced and maybe we can even fight against over-production in the long run. Of course it doesn’t always have to be organic – it is totally worth it saving any yummy food from being thrown away.

The whole thing is of course only sensible if you are not picky, because the boxes or bags are packed by the employees beforehand and considering that they are filled with leftovers, you cannot choose what you get. This means you have to be spontaneous and creative cosnidering cooking, but I rather enjoy that.

Just download it and have a look whether someone closeby participates!





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